Home is so much more than a roof over your head.

Getting your first place after experiencing homelessness, couch surfing, living in a shelter or your car is exciting...but expensive. That’s why we’re proud to launch “Welcome Home Baskets”. They’re the essential items needed to begin a new life in a new home. We have families and individuals moving into permanent, supportive housing across the region; some of them will have a safe place to lay their head for the first time! With your help, these families can focus on what’s most important: meals on the table, shoes on their feet, and transportation to get to work.


Make a Donation of $100

Our loving volunteers will purchase the materials and assemble a basket for you.

Make it a Group Effort

Enlist your friends, families, or coworkers to build a basket together and drop it off at United Way.

Donate Items

Donate items from the inventory list and our volunteers will complete the baskets.

All donations can be dropped off at our office Monday-Friday 8:30am-4pm. Our address is 202 E. Grandview Parkway Traverse City, MI 49684

welcome home basket_edited.jpg

"The payoff of the continuous grind of our Housing Department is when the most vulnerable people living on the streets exit homelessness into housing. Everything lined up this week for this couple. Thank you United Way of Northwest Michigan for providing "Welcome Home" baskets to help the new place feel a little more homey." 

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