Join Together. Creating Lasting Solutions. Advocate by supporting causes important to you, working to change your community for the better, and empowering those in your community to do the same.

10 Ways You Can Advocate and LIVE UNITED:

  1. Tell your friends about United Way and what we do.
  2. Get informed. Make it a point to learn about and discuss local issues with friends and family, then decide how you’ll get involved.
  3. If you’re passionate about education, income and health issues in our community, make some noise. Write a letter to the editor or comment on a local blog.
  4. Wear the shirt. Your LIVE UNITED shirt that is.
  5. Send an e-mail or make a call to your elected officials.
  6. Book a United Way speaker for your workplace or social club. They’ll share examples of how United Way is advancing the common good for people in our communities.
  7. Tell someone who may need it about local resources in your community.
  8. Link to our Web site or add us on your Facebook page.
  9. Volunteer for United Way. We’re always looking for folks to serve on one of several committees that guide our work.
  10. Connect. Join a neighborhood association or simply introduce yourself to a neighbor you haven’t met.