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Community Assessments 

United Way's mission is to connect and mobilize our community and our assessment collection helps us achieve that. We want to share the wealth of information with our local area agencies in hopes it will help them secure donor, or grant, dollars. 


When there’s a crisis, where do you turn? If it’s a life-threatening emergency, you call 911. But what if you can’t pay your electric bill? Or you need childcare? Or legal help? Now you call or text 211.


​211 is the one number you call or text to get answers to life’s many challenges. And United Way makes it possible.


We partner with nearly all pharmacies nationwide to negotiate prescription discounts, so you receive a lower price. Our pharmacy discount card is for everyone nationwide, whether or not you have health insurance coverage. That's right! You are eligible to begin saving on your prescription medications today. No personal information needed, no enrollment necessary; simply present the card. 


Earn $66,000 of less? You can file your taxes for free online! If you earned $66,000 or less in 2019, you can file both your state and federal taxes with MyFreeTaxes which is a partnership among United Way and H&R Block.