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United Way is uniquely positioned to address the pressing needs for community programs in our region. We bring our area’s helping network
together to discuss solutions for a stronger community. Better solutions happen when we ask the right questions and work together to address
them. It’s smart. It’s right for our donors. It’s right for our community. This is the Power of U....the power of United Way. It’s more than our name;
it’s our commitment to tackling the tough issues together.

Our Mission

We connect and mobilize the caring power of our local communities to advance the common good.

Putting the Power of U to Work Everyday

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  • We solve problems, not just symptoms - There are often several factors that lead to people needing community services. United Way looks deeper to address all the factors that lead to need, thereby ensuring a more permanent solution.

  • We promote collaboration among helping organizations - There is no one single answer to addressing the need for social services. United Way identifies where needs exist and mobilizes the right resources to best address each situation. As a recognized convener in the region, we have mobilized to address redundant referral networks and supported coalitions to tackle tough community issues.

  • We are the voice for the unheard - Despite the breadth of social services offered in Northwest Michigan, people still struggle to find the help they need. We work to find and fill those gaps on an ongoing basis

  • We ask and answer the tough questions – At United Way; we ask “Who aren’t we serving?” rather than “Who are we serving?”- a critical point that leads to addressing needs on a more effective project/program basis rather than an agency basis.

  • We maximize the impact of every donation – With every dollar donated; we leverage our resources to increase that donation’s value to the community. Last year alone, each dollar donated resulted in $4.60 in value of services back to the community.

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